Virginia State Safety Inspections

virginia state safety inspectionAt Route 11 Automotive Repair, we take the safety of your vehicle seriously. That’s why we are proud to be a Virginia State Safety Inspection Station in Harrisonburg. If it is time to schedule yours, our experts are here to help with fast and friendly service.

What to Expect During Your Harrisonburg Safety Inspection

The State of Virginia requires a comprehensive safety inspection of your vehicle’s major systems and components and at Route 11 Automotive Repair we adhere strictly to those guidelines. After all, we are talking about the safety of your vehicle here. Once you have driven into our inspection lane, our team of experts will go to work.

Braking System Inspection

Your entire braking system, including the parking brake, will be inspected for damaged, overly worn, or missing parts. We will also check your brake fluid level and inspect for any leaks. And we will take a look at your linings and drums as well as your pads and rotors.

Light Inspection

Your vehicle’s lights allow you to see at night as well as allowing other drivers to see you and know when you are turning. Your lights will be inspected for condition, output, and type. Your lights also need to be properly aimed and the appropriate color. We also inspect your wiring and high beam indicator to make sure everything is functioning properly. In addition to inspecting the lights and lenses on your turn signals, we also need to check the switch.

Steering and Suspension Inspection

Your steering and suspension systems is made up of a lot of moving parts that work together to improve your handling and control over the vehicle. During your inspection, all of these parts will be checked for damage and excessive wear. Wheel and axle alignment also needs to be inspected as well as your frame, steering wheel, and gear box.

Tire, Wheel, and Rim Inspection

Your wheels and tires do more than just roll your car forward. They carry a heavy burden and when they are in poor condition they compromise the safety of your vehicle. Included in your tire and wheel inspection is the tread depth and overall condition of your tires as well as checking your wheels for any cracks or damage that could affect your safety.

While these are some of the more major systems that will be inspected during your Virginia State Safety Inspection, they are not all of them. For the fall list of parts, components, and systems that we will be inspecting, visit the official Virginia State Police site. For your next vehicle safety inspection in Harrisonburg, come to Route 11 Automotive Repair. We will get your vehicle inspected and back on the road in no time.

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