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Engine Service & RepairYour engine and transmission are the most complex and important components of your vehicle. It is important to keep them healthy in order to keep your vehicle running at peak performance. When you have expert mechanics like the team at Route 11 Automotive Repair right here in Harrisonburg. From engine service to transmission repair, we have the expertise, equipment, and tools for all your engine and transmission jobs.

Engine Service Harrisonburg VA

There is nothing more important to your engine than regular service and maintenance and one of the most important aspects of engine service involves your engine’s fluids. Your engine’s oil has a tough job. It keeps your engine lubricated and clean, but over time the oil breaks down and becomes dirty, leaving buildup and increasing the friction and heat that it is supposed to prevent. Keep your engine clean and cool by keeping up with your oil change schedule.

Your engine’s filters also play a big part in its overall performance. The fuel and oil filters are designed to allow your engine to receive what it needs for proper combustion. As these filters work, they get dirty and can become clogged. Having them inspected regularly and changed when needed will increase the lifespan of your engine.

Engine Repair Harrisonburg VA

When your engine needs to be repaired, you don’t want to take it to just any mechanic. You want an expert mechanic that you can trust. The engine experts at Route 11 Automotive Repair are the technicians that Harrisonburg drivers trust most with their engine repairs. Our expertise and state of the art equipment are the perfect combination for top quality engine repair.

Transmission Service Harrisonburg VA

Like your engine, your transmission relies on clean fluid to operate and like engine oil, over time transmission fluid breaks down and can no longer do its job. The answer to this issue is to have your transmission flushed or your transmission fluid replaced every so often.

Transmission Repair Harrisonburg VA

Nobody wants to find themselves with a transmission issue. Transmission repairs can be complicated and pretty pricey. But when the problem is caught early on, it increases the chance that it can be repaired before it escalates. Our transmission experts can perform thorough transmission inspections and provide reliable repairs so your transmission can continue to work hard for you.

At Route 11 Automotive Repair, we know engines and transmissions. If you are in need of service or repair, call us today to schedule an appointment.

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