Check Engine Light

The automotive industry has come a long way in terms of technology and innovation and the auto repair industry has evolved right alongside it. Modern vehicles are equipped with onboard computer systems that regularly check the health of your vehicle’s major systems and alerts you to potential problems. While there are multiple warning lights on your dashboard, the check engine light is one the most important.

Check Engine Light Harrisonburg, VA

When your check engine light comes on it could be because of something minor like a loose gas cap or a major complication like engine trouble. That’s why it is important to the integrity of your vehicle that you bring it to the experts at Route 11 Automotive Repair to have your diagnostics checked. Our state of the art diagnostic equipment acts as a map so that we can find the issue and repair it before wind up needing more expensive repairs.

Vehicle Diagnostic Testing Harrisonburg, VA

When our mechanics run a diagnostic test on your vehicle, it returns a code or list of codes that indicate where in your vehicle the problem is. What it doesn’t do is tell us exactly what the problem is. That’s where our experts come in. Once we know the location of the problem we can do a thorough inspection and repair so you can get back on the road sooner.

Having your diagnostics checked saves you time waiting to get your car back because it points our mechanics in the right direction so they can get started on the repairs. But it doesn’t just save you time, it also saves you money on labor costs and who doesn’t want that?

When to Have Your Diagnostics Checked

As tempting as it is to ignore it, you should have your diagnostics checked anytime your check engine light comes on. But there are other times when your vehicle will benefit from diagnostic testing. One of these times is when you have your vehicle serviced or inspected. Testing can actually catch a problem before it is advanced enough to turn the check engine light on. We also recommend that you come in for a diagnostic check if you notice electrical, handling, or other issues in your car.

When it comes to check engine lights and diagnostic testing, there isn’t a mechanic in Harrisonburg that can beat the experts at Route 11 Automotive Repair. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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